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Warehouse & Distribution

Keeping track of warehouse stock can be more challenging than monitoring stock within a shop setting. There’s a fine balance between ensuring you have enough items without overstocking. Overstocking can lead to wasted products and financial losses, so you’ll need a reliable stock management and order processing system in place to prevent this from happening. 


Avoid overstocking or missing orders with Booksolve’s warehouse stock management and EDI solutions.


Booksolve.net is our core product that offers warehouse stock management and order processing for book distributors. Our system allows you to prepare customers’ orders effectively and efficiently, ensuring they are delivered to the right place. 

The system uses electronic data interchange (EDI) to allow for quick communication between bookshops and wholesalers/warehouses. EDIFACT messaging is just one of the ways electronic data can be sent, and Booksolve.net offers support for both EDIFACT and TRADACOM. This allows the warehouse and book distributors to trade with customers as much as possible. 

Booksolve can also supply a fully integrated website, complete with back office order processing and a stock management system. The websites can be aimed at consumers (B2C), allowing them to purchase via the website directly. They can also be aimed at business users (B2B), such as bookshops and other book sellers. Alternatively, the site can offer a mixture of both. 


The website can show stock availability to potential customers based on the stock listed within the Booksolve.net system. 


What can Booksolve.net do for warehouses and distributors?


Booksolve is a scalable system and can form a single terminal up to large, multi-user systems.

As a modular system, you are able to pick and choose the modules you want from Booksolve.net, instead of being required to have them all. Depending on which modules you choose, the system is able to: 


  • Provide fast and efficient stock management

  • Offer support for TRADACOM and EDIFACT EDI messaging

  • Allow imports from Amazon and other Internet retailers, built in as standard

  • Include optional Amazon API integration with Marketplace and FBA. This will show you how many products are available/in stock in the Amazon Warehouse.

  • Offer a fully integrated website

  • Allow integration with Nielsen web services so product information and images can be easily updated

  • Allow integration with suppliers via standard trade services or direct EDI

  • and more!


Please note: The acquisition of Book Manager by Booksolve gives additional functionality for the management of remainder and promotional stock. Visit the Book Manager site for more details. 


The modules include: 

  • Stock control & POP

  • Invoicing & SOP

  • EDI

  • Exhibition and SOR


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