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Warehouse & Distribution

The Booksolve.Net product is used by wholesalers and distributors.  Booksolve can supply a fully integrated website and back office order processing and stock management system.  Websites can be aimed at business users (B2B), consumers (B2C) or a mixture of both.

Booksolve is a scalable system and can from a single terminal up to large multi-user systems.

The key benefits of Booksolve for distribution are:

  • Fast and efficient stock management
  • Support for key TRADACOM and EDIFACT EDI messages, to trade electronically with customers as much as possible
  • Imports from Amazon, Book Depository and other Internet retailers buit in as standard
  • Optional Amazon API integration with Marketplace and FBA for synchronisation of product availability
  • Fully integrated website option
  • The frontend website product avaiability is based on the stock in the Booksolve system
  • Integration with Nielsen web services for the update of product information and images
  • Integration with suppliers via standard trade services or direct EDI

The acquisition of Book Manager by Booksolve gives additional functionality for the management of remainder and promotional stock.  Please click here for more details

Booksolve is a modular system.  Details of the modules relevant for distribution are below.