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Booksolve Computer Systems Ltd

Booksolve Computer Systems Ltd is an independent company providing software solutions, predominantly to the Book Trade.

The Booksolve software was originally developed in 1984 by Richard Elsley, for the Bookland chain of 15 bookshops that operated in the North West of England and North Wales.  It was also used by the Bookland Wholesale Company (later renamed Dee Books Wholesale).  By 1986 it was being installed in other Bookshops in the area and by 1989 was installed in larger Bookshops, including the Blackwells chain.

In 1992 the company Booksolve Computer Systems Ltd was incorporated and has remained in family ownership ever since.

Booksolve has continued to develop new products and has acquired the Merlio, Synergi and Book Manager systems over the years.

The largest shop to use Booksolve had over 100 terminals and 25 tills, which demonstrates the size of shop that Booksolve can manage.

In recent years the provision of ecommerce websites has become a larger part of Booksolve's business, with fully integrated solutions now available for any size of customer.