Welcome to Booksolve!

Library Supply

The Booksolve.Net product has used by Library suppliers for over 25 years.  Booksolve can supply a fully integrated client website and back office order processing and stock management system.

Booksolve is a scalable system and can from a single terminal up to large multi-user systems.

The key benefits of Booksolve for Library supply are:

  • Support for the key TRADACOM and EDIFACT EDI messages
  • Integration with many of the Library Management Systems (LMS) has been done over the years, including web APIs in recent years
  • Fully integrated website for Librarians to use
  • The frontend website can be based on a combination of the stock in the Booksolve system and selected suppliers, or the full Nielsen database of books in print
  • Integration with suppliers via standard trade services or direct EDI

Booksolve is a modular system.  Details of the modules relevant for Library supply are below.