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Customer Display Units

Customer display units (CDUs) form just one part of a point of sale (PoS) system, but they can offer an improved user experience for your customers. 

A customer display unit is generally located at the tills and allows a customer to see what items are being scanned, as well as the associated price. Once everything has been scanned, it will show a total price to the customer so they can check they’re happy before paying. These devices are also sometimes known as a customer monitor or customer display. 


Do I need a customer display unit?

A customer display unit isn’t an essential part of a PoS system, however it can create a better customer experience during the check-out process. Many customers are used to seeing such devices at a till and likely want to see an itemised list of their purchases.

These units can reduce the number of incorrect purchases, too.


Buy customer display units with Booksolve

The below CDUs are compatible with Booksolve.net, our bookstore software.


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Epson CD5220

Epson CD5220 Customer Display Unit

PartnerTech CD-7220 Customer Display

PartnerTech CD-7220 Customer Display