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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a vital tool for efficient Bookshops. Not only does it give you the ability to send your orders instantly to on-line suppliers, you can use electronic documents to reduce the amount of keying that is carried out across your business. Some EDI features such as availability at key wholesalers are available as standard in the Stock Module. The EDI features are:-

  • Receive electronic orders from your web site or trade bureau and import these into Booksolve as orders
  • Check your stock availability and forward these orders to wholesalers without keying a single ISBN!
  • Booksolve supports commonly used EDI standards such as Tradacomms, EDIFACT and is currently working with PubEasy to develop SOAP interfaces which adhere to BIC industry standards
  • Companies that have a number of branches can use EDI to move stock across the group. All transfers are managed electronically and the EDI module interfaced to Booksolve Stock and Invoicing provides a complete audit trail of how the stock has moved