Welcome to Booksolve!


The development of the Booksolve software started in the mid-1980s for a family chain of Bookshops in the North-West of England and North Wales, called Bookland. 

It was obvious that to succeed in bookselling a practical and efficient stock management system was required. The software designed by Richard Elsley, Managing Director of Booksolve and Bookland.  Within a couple of years, other Bookshops started using Booksolve and within five years it was in some of the largest Bookshops in the UK.

Today, Booksolve has numerous household names as clients including Blackwells, Foyles, Dubray Books, Stanfords, Warwick University and Saatchi Gallery.

All benefit from our mission which is to provide fast and efficient software solutions at reasonable prices.

When a new client adopts a Booksolve solution, they are able to draw down on 30 years of trading experience in this sector. The Booksolve team have been involved with a diverse mix of clients over the years across so many sectors and in so many locations both here and abroad.