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New Teleordering System

14 March 2023

MVB GmbH have taken over the Teleordering service from Nielsen and it is being moved to a new platform.

Booksolve have been in discussion with MVB about this and are in the testing phase with the new service.  The changeover will be simple and our helpdesk will contact every site using Teleordering to switch to the new service.

The standard Booksolve Teleordering option will use a SFTP server, to make the process more secure and reliable, however Booksolve are also working with MVB on the API that replaces the old Nielsen BookNet API / WhitakerWeb API.

We will be contacting every user of Teleordering in advance of the changeover.  If you are using Booksolve and have any queries on the move to the new Teleordering system, please contact our support desk.