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Hand Held Terminals

Booksolve supports integration with a number of different hand held scanners, with the 'Hornet' and CipherLab ranges being the most popular.

The Hand-Held Terminal can be used for a number of key jobs, including stocktaking, recording sales and scan-check for goods inwards, SOP documents and returns picklists.  


HT630 Hand 
<p class=CipherLabs 8200 Series

The latest addition to the range.  A rugged, compact, portable Data Collection terminal with far greater memory capacity than the Hornet terminals.

Available with our without a 'pistol grip' and protective carry case.


  • Compact
  • built in bar code scanner
  • 2.5Mbytes or 4.5Mbytes of RAM
  • 8 * 20 line backlit display
  • Phosphorescent keys
  • Withstands 1.5m drop onto concrete
  • Communications cradle for quick download



The cost of a device starts from £485 (ex VAT).