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Booksolve took over the Book Manager product from Scott Moore Ltd on 1st March 2022.

Book Manager incorporates a broad range of business functions that enables companies to achieve increased efficiency and improve profitability – quickly and cost effectively.  We are active in the whole system from development to implementation, training and support

Book Manager is used in:

  • Antiquarian and specialist bookshops
  • Remainder / bargain bookshops and distributors
  • Specialist independent publishers

Book Manager is unique in its sector by offering a range of functionality within one software package.

Being based in Microsoft technology, allows Book Manager to be versatile and adaptable. This coupled with powerful features like the ones listed below. Make Book Manager an attractive package to retailers, remainder/bargain book wholesalers and specialist publishers.

  • Point of Sale
  • Stock Management
  • EDI 
  • Royalty Management
  • Catalogue Generation
  • Subscriptions
  • eCommerce and Website Integration
  • Nielsen Integration

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