Product Development

Booksolve are committed to developing its products to keep ahead of the market and to incorporate customer's ideas. All suggestions are recorded on a product development database which is referred to when we develop our products. If you have a business demand which is more immediate, we can provide bespoke development for your business. The costs for this service are based on the amount of time we believe it will take us to complete the development. If you have a straight forward change request you can log the details with the support team who will ensure that you receive a quotation. If your business idea is more complicated we can provide you with the service of one of our business consultants.

Features that are incorporated into the system are available to you as part of your support contract. To receive the latest update, click on the Help Menu and then on the Live Update option. Booksolve will download the latest version of the software. The Help Menu also has an option called Release Notes, this document will give you a list of the new features in the system.