Till Systems and EPoS


BPoS is an electronic point of sale (EPoS) system. It has been designed by our own developers to work alongside our Booksolve.Net solution as well as other packages. 

BPoS plays an active part in increasing customer satisfaction by performing quick, accurate and secure transactions. The software is easy to use and quickly configurable to suit the way your business works.

BPoS supports and incorporates many of the key services expected of a cutting edge EPoS till software package.

These include;

  • Instant sales reporting across the whole estate
  • 5 minute updates to product information on all tills
  • Automatic customer order collections
  • Support for customer account sales
  • Improved Audit trail
  • Flexible Supervisor transaction controls
  • Robust links to Booksolve Cash Book
  • Greatly increased security
  • Affordable development options
  • Structured development path